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  1. a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson

All of us hail from the core of Hollywood, from independent films like Wes Anderson's, The Life Aquatic to four Star Wars movies, over 20 major blockbuster, motion pictures.


Our staff has Emmy and Academy Awards, with collective experience equaling over 150 years in Hollywood.

Our team wants to develop your story for that big pitch, design your story-boards, save that script


- put your story in our hands.


Story Development

Artwork - storyboarding, design, character creation

Animation and VFX for trailers, pitches, proof-of-concept

Script Doctoring - Stuck? Script broken? Let us take a look

Pitch Assistance - prep you for that big pitch

Studio Introduction - we can bring your story to people that will listen



Scott C Smith - Producer

See Scott's Internet Movie Database profile HERE.

San Francisco based animation and film artist, technologist and producer, Scott built his career on  Film and Technology. As a part of a crew that achieved recognition from the Academy of Arts and Sciences with an Academy Award© win in 2006 he worked at Lucasfilm, LTD in both Marin County and San Francisco, California.

"I am forever grateful to the Film community for building me up and launching me into rewarding creative entrepreneurship. It is in this crucible that I discovered the real power of work culture, cohesive work communities and persistent business development which supports and produces mind-bending storytelling." 

Kevin Edwards - Producer, Artist

As an Emmy Award winner Kevin has contributed to producing visuals for a staggering number of block-buster film titles. Kevin was educated in a combination of fine arts and computer science both of which set the foundation for later positions in studios such as Pixar and Dreamworks. It is fun to watch Kevin's passions come forward as he describes the many exciting roles he has held in the vastly differing areas of 3D feature film animation, virtual reality, VFX and more. His latest collaboration was with a research and development team creating ground breaking photo-realistic digital humans. Currently Kevin Edwards is working with a variety of clients as a 3D visual-content consultant.  

1 part artistic, 1 part technical, 1 part story teller, 3 parts problem solver = Kevin Edwards.  "My tools are keyboards, VR headsets and massive computer servers. I love the process of "painting" the images with the use of bleeding-edge technology, and getting the opportunity to work along side and lead teams of other brilliant technical artists."

See Kevin's Internet Movie Database profile HERE 

Kim bromley- Director, Producer and Writer

Kim is an actor/writer/director/producer with a deep love of story and text analysis. After 40 years working in Film and on stage, Kim continues to discover the joys of irony, conflict and denouement in all their myriad forms. 


David Perry - Producer, Production Designer

David R. Perry is a professional problem solver - sometimes the problems are deeply technical, other times they are purely people-based, often times a mix of both. He solves them.


Whether analyzing computer networks for faults, or reading someone else’s writing and suggesting edits, I thrive when helping others. I can build a studio from scratch or when I can walk in to an existing pipeline and figure it all out quickly. I also have an ability to catch nit-picky minutia before projects are delivered to a public audience has proven invaluable on a number of occasions.

Diane O'Connor - Producer

Diane has happily toiled in the entertainment industry her entire career, including a decade+ in live-action film production and the balance on the visual effects side. She is a reliable mix of left and right brain function. Her artistic side (she holds a dual degree in Graphic Design and Illustration), coupled with organizational know-how and good horse sense, have brought her success in a variety of creative work environments. Organized, on track and has on several work occasions, been referred to as “the only adult present”. She is also a painter, a tail wagging dog lover and an alpinist’s wife.

Candy Beeman - Producer

It is amazing that I would find my home with this unique group of talented and creative people. I’ve made a career of supporting individuals and organizations in their success. Such variety of experiences prepared me for the surprises of managing and caring for wonderful artists and producers that make up our studio. Eclectic teams need the burden of everyday logistics and business off of their shoulders so they can dream up, create and implement beautiful things. I’m a “jill of all trades” that loves people and organization hence the creative process of bringing order to chaos, improving culture, workflow & communication are my greatest joys. There is a solution to every obstacle and I thrive in the challenge of finding it - I get it done.

Alia Agha- Producer and Story Developer

See Alia's Internet Movie Database profile HERE.

Alia grew up in a multi-cultural community on the California coast surrounded by storytellers from all over the world.  They regaled her with tales from their home countries, the perilous circumstances that forced them to leave and their dreams for a better life. Her parents were among these storytellers.   A passion to bring stories to life directed her education to film and writing. This led her to a career with Lucasfilm, where she honed her craft from pre-production through post-production.  Alia has been privileged to work on some of the most iconic movies of the digital age.


"As an artist and storyteller, it is my goal to tell stories that touch the spirit.  I want to bring to the world tales of courage, of humor and of profound humanity."


Matthew ronan - Producer, Artist

Matthew Ronan is an artist, writer, and content producer who’s worked in film, television, and radio. His credits include projects for Disney/Lucasfilm, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and the Michael Jackson estate.


" I make content that is evocative. One of my most memorable accomplishments wasn’t the first time I saw my work on the big screen, it was pitching a script in a small office with the president of the studio, and it was the first time I saw my work moving someone to tears. Be it joy, laughter, or even anger, the best content is that which is emotionally moving. I survive by creating content that is convicting, humorous, and relatably human."

Terry Molatore - Artist and Story Developer

See Terry's Internet Movie Database profile HERE.

In every classroom there is that kid - the artist, the dreamer nerd, head-in-the-clouds, that was Terry. Most of them grew up and set aside their passions for more practical pursuits. she did not. Terry grew up to work with those kids who turned passions into reality, and in so doing
changed our cultural landscape; George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Peter Weir and Peter Jackson to name a few.

George Aleco-sima- Artist and Story Developer

Whether finding an iconic pose in an animation, defining the emotional charge of a scene, or refining the arc of a story, George's strength is in unveiling the sculpture from a raw block of marble. His experiences, having lived in four very different countries, allow him to see humanity at its best and at its worst. This unique perspective has given him the tools to see not only the similarities in human beings, but also to see each as a distinct individual. George sees the complexity of our differences and, through shape and movement, he gives extraordinary depth to his characters.

See George's Internet Movie Database profile HERE.

guerdon trueblood - Artist and Producer

The son of a screenwriter, Guerdon’s first job was proofreading scripts. He made his way professionally from photography and commercial entertainment to blockbuster films. With an encyclopedic knowledge of film and advertising, Guerdon turns a fresh eye on any project to be pounced on.

"As an artist, I have spent my career collaborating with creatives at every level, in all mediums of communication. My experience and imperatives make me uniquely adept at visually and dramatically conveying ideas in a compelling way. I’m also really good with computers."

See Guerdon's Internet Movie Database profile HERE.


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